Sunday, December 16, 2007

How to play "Blue Star" ( Shadows )

This latest tip also comes from Chris Elmore, CEO of Elmore Music ( creators of GuitarTips, and Guitar Songs, among other great guitar learning sites and resources.)

Chris shows you - with guitar tab, audio and video, how to play a really neat but tricky guitar song - "Blue Star" by the Shadows.

While you may not be a huge Shadows fan, the approach to learning demonstrated here will be helpful to you, as Chris breaks the song down into bite-size components, for easier learning. There is the expected melodic guitar line that typifies the Shadows' work, but also the chord patterns which fit in to the mix for you to learn. The techniques learned here can be applied to other songs you might be more familiar with, but this is quite a challenging lesson, these guitar tunes were always 'show-off' numbers.

Who knows, maybe you will be adding it as one of your 'party pieces'!

Check out this in-depth lesson, and learn the song at: How to Play 'Blue Star.

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