Monday, March 09, 2009

Learning Strumming Patterns

Dan Denley, the mastermind behind THE greatest and most comprehensive online learning programs: AmazingGuitarSecrets, BluesGuitar Secrets, and LeadGuitarSecrets has kindly agreed to supply a sneak preview of his just-released new resource AcousticGuitarSecrets for my Guitar Tips Blog ( Thanks Dan! )

This is a video clip ( plus tab ) showing how to deploy different strumming patterns, which is a question I am often asked by early learners. The video is cleverly split to show both the strumming and the chording hands simultaneously in close-up.

The tabs to accompany this video can be located HERE ( Right-click and select 'download link as..' to save the tabs to your PC.

I hope you will enjoy and benefit from Dan's expertise, the link to the course is below:

Acoustic Guitar Secrets - Comprehensive lessons program for acoustic guitar players.


Dan has very recently released this fantastic new resource, Acoustic Guitar Secrets, which contains everything you could possibly need to help you become an accomplished Acoustic Guitar Player.

I was privileged to receive an advance copy of the full course - I told Dan that if it didn't live up to the high standards of his previous works, I could not, in all conscience, give it a review, much less a 'thumbs up'. But, as I might have guessed, he has surpassed himself once again - this is the most complete and well-presented instruction set I have EVER seen for acoustic guitar players, whether at the early stages of learning or for the already proficient player.

There are 5 DVD's (7 hours approx) with video and audio lessons, 2 audio CD's with 127 acoustic guitar tracks, backed up by a 135 page detailed instruction manual with music notation as well as tab for each of the lessons, cross-referenced with the DVDs and CDs. Oh, and there's a Progress Tracker and a Quick-start guide thrown in for good measure!

If you're convinced, or would like to find out more about the course, go straight to the launch page at the link below:

Acoustic Guitar Secrets - Everything you need to know about playing Acoustic Guitar

Enjoy your music,

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Anonymous guitar picks said...

Strumming is a basic lesson for guitar playing but several beginners tend not to continue learning because they get so frustrated about t. One of the major reasons for this is unable to play the right strumming technique. This certainly takes time, effort and a whole lot of practice. Thank you for sharing this post. This will really help beginners in their quest of strumming the guitar perfectly.

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