Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Guitar Chord Progressions

Another video lesson from Dan Denley. Dan has a whole bunch of fantastic guitar learning programs, including AmazingGuitarSecrets, BluesGuitar Secrets, AcousticGuitarSecrets and LeadGuitarSecrets and is always working to improve and upgrade them, as well as periodically developing new lessons covering yet another area of guitar music.

He has recently released his latest learning resource - Ultimate Guide to Chords, which, for me, is the definitive learning program for understanding chord theory, how chords relate to scales AND how to put this into practice to improve your playing. I am honoured that he has once again selected this Guitar Tips blog to preview his Ultimate Guide to Chords .

The preview is a short lesson (just over 7 minutes) on video explaining, using the Roman Numeral System, how to harmonize guitar chords with any scale being played, and how to figure which scales should be played for any guitar chord progression.

When you see guitar players who can seemingly effortlessly sit in on a session, and play hot licks along with the chords being played, there is usually nothing instinctive about this, but a whole background of chord and scales theory learning, leading up to this ability.

This lesson ( 7m 13s) takes the C major and minor scales, shows the differentiation between the scale notes played for each, and shows how these notes can be played right across the fretboard. It then shows how to transpose what you've learned to the other keys.

Once again the video is split to show both the picking and the chording hands simultaneously in close-up.

I hope you will enjoy and benefit from Dan's expertise, the link to the course is below:

Ultimate Guide to Chords - Comprehensive lessons program for guitar players who want to understand chord and scales theory


Dan has very recently released this fantastic new resource, Blues Guitar Secrets 2.0, which contains everything you could possibly need to help you become an accomplished Blues Guitar Player.

Enjoy your music,

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