Monday, November 30, 2009

Ragtime Guitar Lessons - Blind Blake lesson by Jim Bruce

I thought I'd spice up the Guitar Tips blog a little by adding some lessons and tips from some of the more 'niche' areas.

Now I know not everyone will aspire to being a 'full-time' Ragtime Blues player, but it is a style that almost everyone really likes, and a neat addition to any guitar player's repertoire, whether you mainly play, rock, blues, acoustic - whatever.

Jim Bruce has an entire course on learning the Blind Blake style of Ragtime Blues Guitar, Jim both plays and teaches this really catchy style with extreme professionalism and enthusiasm.

This video clip is just a taster (5m.02s) to fill you in on what Ragtime Blues ( a la Blake ) should sound like, and how to begin learning the style. I think you'll love it!

If you like what you heard, and want to be able to amaze your friends with this superb skill, you can find out more about this great course at the link below:

Blind Blake Ragtime Guitar Lessons course


Enjoy your music,

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