Thursday, July 02, 2009

Practice Tips for Lead Guitar Players

Thanks (again!) to Dan Denley, who has been a major contributor to this Guitar Tips blog since it was launched

Dan has a wealth of guitar learning programs teaching you about every aspect of guitar playing, including AmazingGuitarSecrets, BluesGuitar Secrets, AcousticGuitarSecrets and LeadGuitarSecrets. Dan is a fanatic and is always working on a new targetted course, or on new and improved versions of existing courses.

He is shortly to launch version 2.0 of his Blues course ( BluesGuitar Secrets 2.0 ) and has given me permission to release some 'sneak previews' to my Blog readers. These short video clips fit in perfectly with my own aim for this Blog of providing short but helpful articles and lessons covering as many areas of guitar playing as possible, and catering for all levels of ability. So, while these 'mini-lessons' will give you a taster of what Dan's course can do for you, they are in themselves very useful tips.

This one is taken from DVD2 of the LeadGuitarSecrets course, and shows you three different rhythming patterns to use while practicing your scales. We all know that scales practice is a crucial,but not the most exciting part of being a guitar player, so any tips for keeping it interesting have got to be worth hearing!

I hope you will enjoy and benefit from Dan's expertise, the link to the course is below:

Blues Guitar Secrets - Comprehensive lessons program for guitar players who want to play Blues.


Dan has very recently released this fantastic new resource, Lead Guitar Secrets, which contains everything you could possibly need to help you become an accomplished Lead Guitar Player.

Enjoy your music,

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