Monday, March 01, 2010

Ragtime Guitar Lessons: Blind Blake Style #2 by Jim Bruce

Just before Christmas I posted the first of Jim Bruce's Blind Blake style Ragtime Blues lessons.

Judging by the feedback, there is a lot more interest for this genre of music than I'd expected, so I've asked Jim if he can help out my subscribers, and he has again kindly supplied another video Ragtime Blues lesson.

If you missed out on the first one, it's at Jim Bruce Ragtime Blues Lesson #1 .

Jim Bruce has an entire course on learning the Blind Blake style of Ragtime Blues Guitar, Jim both plays and teaches this really catchy style with extreme professionalism and enthusiasm.

This video clip is a longer "taster" mini-lesson ( just under 9 mins )featuring Blake's "Southern Rag" in C, "Come on Boys" in G, and "Down the Country", best played in open D tuning. Following from the previous lesson, you'll get a greater understanding of the techniques in producing this really uplifting ragtime sound - many of these can be redeployed in other Blues/Blues-rock genres, so whatever your brand of music, this is 9 minutes well spent! I think you'll love it!

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If you like what you heard, and would love to be able to create this unique sound yourself, check out the course at the link below:

Blind Blake Ragtime Guitar Lessons course


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